About Seneca in English

High quality P.R.E breeding stallion with the best genes and a fantastic temperament! 

Born in 2013 and raised in southern Spain. Seneca is 171 cm tall. 

Ranked highest of all active stallions in Sweden, in the GGI - Global Genetics Index. 114.14 for breed genetics and 114.73 for ability to inherit dressage traits. Max is 120 on both. 

Basico classified as a stallion but is being worked on to qualify higher. 

Has 7 offspring in Spain (4 mares and 3 stallions) and here in Sweden 5 offspring (4 mares and 1 stallion)

 Purchased by Lisa February 2018. Came to Sweden and Gotland August 2018. Seneca's parents are the successful Fer Bago and Faisana de Torreluna. Link to Seneca's Pedigree: https://www.lgancce.com/lgpreancce/asp-publico/arbolGenealogicoPRE/ConsultarArbolGenealogicoPRE.aspx?ID=9zrhYodAMKU=


Frozen sperm, 8 straws at 900 Euro + shipping. 

Start by contacting me, Lisa to order. I will then send an invoice and after payment we will send the straws to you. 

Contact for ordering of semin,

Björkhaga Stuteri


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