Breeding information

Seneca will 2023 be available via semin only for mares in Sweden

Contact me via email or mobile for booking Seneca. Bookings made before 28/2, 2023 will get 2022 prices for breeding with Seneca.

We work together with  Mannegårde Seminstation

Mannegårde Seminstation does NOT send semen internationally only to customers in Sweden

Anna Nilsson 
Lye Mannegårde 181 
62361 STÅNGA

Tel: 0702964680 

Kammasaka. One of Seneca's fine offspring. 

Mare Davota with her offspring with Seneca, a mare named Habana. Owner Jennie Colbrie.

Seneca's first offspring in Sweden.

Booking fee 

Lump sum

(SEK 3500, 2022 price) 

SEK 3900 

After 45 days of gestation, P.R.E. mares

Lump sum

(SEK 7500, 2022 price) 

SEK 8100  

After 45 days of gestation, other races mares

Lump sum

(SEK 7000, 2022 price)

 SEK 7600  

Semin shipment

Per shipment

SEK 950

Price list

The booking fee must be paid before booking a semen transfer with Mannegårde.

Booking of the semen must be made no later than 9 am, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to Mannegårde. 

The amount of the semen that has been sent will be post-invoiced.

The introduction of offspring in the studbook takes place after full payment. This only applies to P.R.E. mares.
If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us by email or telephone.